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July 22nd, 2021report
HPC® Consultative Sales Skills Online Training –
1 day program for Thai sales and business personnel <Report>
Written by Cicom Brains UBCL CO., LTD. Nishada Namchoathirun NishadaNamchoathirun

We (Cicom Brains UBCL CO., LTD.) held the “HPC® Consultative Sales Skills Online Training - 1 day program for Thai sales and business personnel on November 25th, 2021.

HPC® Consultative sales Skills training program was first developed in Japan and has been provided to many of the leading Japanese companies over the past 20 years. It is now being offered in China, Singapore, Indonesia and here in Thailand.

In this course, participants will learn "Effective Methods to Understand Customers’ Needs", "Mindset Successful Salesperson should have", and other valuable tools from a certificated Thai instructor in Thai.

Key Benefits---For participants with several years sales experience

  • How to build relationships of trust with clients more effectively
  • How to incorporate more consultative selling techniques
  • How to clearly identify potential customer needs and propose effective solutions

Key Benefits---For participants with little sales experience

  • Recognize what it takes to be a successful salesperson
  • Understand the consultative selling approach and techniques
  • Learn from more experienced participants

This course shows participants “what kind of mindset a capable salesperson shall have" to improve business performance and "Hearing methods to grasp real customer needs" to get better business results. The curriculum is made up of interactive lectures, practical mini-exercises, and discussions, which enable participants to put into practice the knowledge and techniques of HPC® in the workplace.

The experienced professional Thai instructor gives participants a lecture in Thai with care, therefore participants will be able to understand the program contents which had been developed in Japan without the language barrier. The instructor will also teach participants not just a way of speaking with the customer but firmly understanding real customer needs and becoming a trusted salesperson to whom customers want to talk first about their issues.

Through easy-to-follow lectures, practical exercises and discussions in Thai, participants will learn the “Market-In Approach” rather than the “Product-Out Approach” to maximize their performance/results.

The virtual classroom allowed participants to enter from 8:45AM and officially started at 9:00AM.

The online class were mainly focus on discussions and exchanging experiences between participants, with comment and lecture from the instructor.

Learn the communication technique even through the way of self-introduction

Participants were asked to make a self-introduction with their company’s background, products, or service they are offering. After the introduction, the instructor asked participants from other companies to comment and tell the instructor what information they got from the self-introduction in order to check if they know the presenter’s company better after they introduce themselves. Then, the instructor made a constructive comment to improve their introduction and suggest the participants how to utilize this short opportunity to gain good impression from listeners.

The class watched video clip together to see how to make a good self-introduction. In the video, the participants will learn how to use their own experiences and their company’s strength to make a good impression in a very short time. Then, discussed how to make them even better.

The instructor asked participants what they were their expectation from today class? Then explain what the meaning of H P and C is?

It will become a great gift for you and your classmates to exchange your own experience and opinion in a classroom.

In a group discussion in the morning session, the participants talked about their problems or issues which they were often facing as a salesperson. They were sharing ideas on how to solve the issue and got a comments and opinions from instructor what was a good way to solve or deal with difficult situations. Then participants discussed the topic ‘How to change customer’s cautious state to cooperating state’.

In the afternoon, participants were learning how to close the deal and what to do if the offering was rejected. Before the Q&A and warp-up, the participants were watching the last video to see a samples of salesperson and give a comment what should the person in the video could have done better.

In the Q&A, participants took turn to ask questions. For example, what personal information should we know if we want to build a trust relationship?, what topic sales to be avoided in the conversation?, and more.

In this program, not only listening to the lecture, the participants, together, with the instructor shared their experiences about their work, their products, and their difficult situation. They were learning about the HPC ratio, what a salesperson habits that could be fixed is, and how to change a status from an ordinary salesperson to a trusting partner that could help their customers to solving their pain-point.

We hope all participants enjoyed the online class and will soon see the better results by utilizing the learned knowledge in their workplace.

Learn practical sales techniques through an effective, proven program

The questionnaire results by participants are below. Please utilize the information in this report to help you to understand how this program was conducted. We will hold this program again in 2022. We are looking forward to seeing you in a class.

We believe that it is critical for any corporation to ensure that their sales employees are equipped with active listening and consultative selling skills to really understand customer needs, make appropriate proposals, and provide the best possible solutions. This will allow your company to compete more effectively in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

It is our pleasure to be your talent development partner and to support your company’s future growth and success. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Participant Profile


Participant Satisfaction


What is HPC®?


HPC®is an essential principle for an effective salesperson. Any sales conversation, be it a spontaneous elevator pitch or an hour long sales meeting, must cover three key elements - HEARING, PROPOSING, and CLOSING. To understand what the customer really needs, active listening is crucial to making an appropriate proposal on the spot.

Q.How do you feel about today’s program? (Excerption)
  • The class was enjoyable and full of knowledge.
  • I was very impressed with the content and the instructor’s experiences.
  • The instructor’s teaching style was fun, and the time control was good.
  • The class atmosphere was warm and friendly.
  • The instructor’s is rich of experiences and reliable.
  • I learnt the process of meeting with new customer. Learn from other’s real life experiences and I got a technic for good self-introduction.
  • Fun, new idea and technics that I can applied to my work.
  • Useful detail to improve sales skill
Q.What did you get out of this program? (Excerption)
  • How to analyze and build a close relationship with customers.
  • How to close the deal effectively.
  • How to introduce, propose and closing, which I can use them in my real work.
  • What are the factors that make your sales successful.
  • How to introduce myself. This class is suitable for a new salesperson
  • I know how to make a good, short but full of details when I make a self-introduction. The process of HPC
  • How to introduce my company and myself to new customers. How to ask good questions that make our customer open their heart and lead to business opportunities. We should let our customer speak and tell us their pain point so we can propose suitable solutions/products to meet their needs.
  • To help prepare ourselves when meet new customer.
Q.Please share with us any comments about this program. (Excerption)
  • I recommend this course especially for a new salesperson.
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