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Cicom Brains UBCL provides professional development and management training programs.

To be successful, “Sales Consultants” need to be able to differentiate their products & services and provide the best possible solutions to clients.
This program shows how to use active listening skills and right questions to better understand customer needs and establish mutual trust in order to gain more business from customers.
Through easy-to-follow lectures and practical exercises and role plays in Thai, participants will learn how to use the “Market-In Approach” rather than the “Product-Out Approach” to maximize their results.


It is essential for Japanese companies operating in Thailand to develop the knowledge and skills of their Thai managers in order to keep sustainable growth in competitive market.
Cicom Brains UBCL offers a wide range of in-house basic management courses such as strategy, marketing, finance, logical thinking, problem solving, leadership, organizational management and coaching for this purpose.
Participants will learn various business frameworks, strengthen their problem solving abilities, and develop essential management skills which will prepare them for future leadership roles.

Case Studies

Japanese expats often struggle to manage local staff due to low inter-cultural awareness.
This program utilizes “Hofstede’s 6D Model”, one of the best-known cultural frameworks, to improve cultural awareness and knowledge. Each participant will be provided with an individual report that compares own cultural values to other countries, through online assessment. Personalized advice will also be given on how to deal with cross-cultural situations.
Participants will gain a greater appreciation of cultural values (especially Thai), allowing them to build more productive relationships in the workplace.


Thai business personnel often struggle to understand and deal with Japanese values and customs.
This program utilizes “Hofstede’s 6D Model”, one of the best-known cultural frameworks, as well as various exercises and role plays, to improve understanding Japanese values and communication styles.
Participants will learn how cultural differences affect communication in business and how to deal with them.
Participants will then clearly understand why Japanese people & companies behave as they do, which will create more effective communication in the workplace.


This program is designed to help localization of management by developing Thai executives.
Through coaching/mentoring from our experienced instructor/strategy consultant, participants can learn how to identify and shape corporate issues and create possible solutions/action plans to address them.
Cicom Brains UBCL will plan and organize the training contents and schedules based on the client’s needs, with the intent to enhance competitiveness and drive growth.
This open enrollment program is designed for Thai managers working in Japanese companies to help them gain essential management knowledge and practical know-how to become more productive in the workplace.
Classes will be facilitated in Thai by experienced faculty from CMMU (College of Management, Mahidol University), one of the top business schools in Thailand, using a more interactive approach. CMMU will issue a certificate after the completion of each course.


This program is designed to help Japanese business people working in a global environment learn basic management skills such as strategy, accounting, finance, leadership, and inter-cultural management through an online video learning system provided by Cicom Brains.
Video contents consist of 7-10 minute long clips based on the “Micro Learning Method” to allow for efficient and flexible study. All video clips are based on content that has been developed for in-house training.
Through this online program, the learners will gain essential management knowledge and be able to immediately apply the key concepts to their workplace.
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