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Online training program of Cicom Brains UBCL is just like a virtual classroom
Written by Cicom Brains UBCL CO., LTD. Nishada Namchoathirun NishadaNamchoathirun
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Our online class is not just spending a day sitting in front of a PC or a smart phone, watching video clip and listen to one-side lecture, but a virtual interactive classroom, which our participants can communicate with each other and instructor.

You can enjoy each benefit of face-to-face and online training.

Each of face-to-face in a classroom and online training gives its own unique benefit to you.


  • No internet & electronic devices required
  • Less stress for people who are not confident with computer
  • Easy to communicate with desk-mates etc.

<Online Learning>

  • Social Distancing
  • Join & Learn from anywhere(you can choose the place /easily access globally)
  • Save time & money (no traveling & traffic jam) etc.

From our previous online classes, most of participants are satisfied with the following facilitation:

  • Participants felt closer to an instructor than in a normal classroom. The instructor can carefully observe the participants through the screen and manages the attendance attitude.
  • The participants do group discussion and share their experiences as well as spreading their motivation to others.
  • The participants do presentation and give their comments/ideas/opinions in a virtual classroom.
  • We carefully consider effective hours for online study so the participants would not feel exhausted and burn out from staying in front of a screen for too long.
  • There are lots of interactive communications and activities, so the participants will not feel left-out, nor lose concentration. Through discussions and sharing ideas, participant would get to know each other and expanding their connections easier.
  • Normal classroom required participants to come to the training venue, which is not convenience for participants from outside Bangkok vicinity. However, online classroom removed this boundary and allow participant to study from anywhere in Thailand. This diversity is expanding the knowledges and experiences from participants who are working outside Bangkok and may have experienced different working cultures.
  • Clear slide and easy to read. Projecting a slide show in a classroom has its own inconveniences, for participant who was staying at the back of the room may not see the content clearly. Online classrooms allow everyone to see the slide without any obstacles (Font, color, quality of a projector).
  • Online classrooms allow you to adjust learning environment freely. You can find a quiet place from your home or office to enjoy the class.

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  • If you felt anxious or nervous to participate in an online session alone:
    • Joining with your friends or colleague would make your feel at ease and secured.
  • If participants were not confident with computer skill:
    • Do not fret, because we, Cicom Brains UBCL Thai staffs, will be ready to support you during the class and help you find solutions. If you wish, we will provide a rehearsal session to guide you how to use essential functions. Or if participants encountered lost signal-issue during the class, they could ask for a lecture note from our staffs.
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